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Thefirstlady420 has been around since 2013 as a social media influencer and has helped a variety of brands establish themselves in Australia through photography, design and repping/displaying products. She always provides quality content on her instagram and is just a beautiful soul to follow.
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john Teh
Chloe works tirelessly at the coal face of medicinal cannabis. Her role of patient support and nursing at PlantMed sees her talking to thousands of patients and guiding them on their healing cannabis journey. Her advice guides many people to better health through cannabis medicines.
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Bek Houghton
Bek has shown a personal dedication to the cannabis space in Australia and beyond, approaching cannabis from a wellness and holistic perspective, as well as embracing the plant's history and culture.
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Brittany Capps
Im a well established Fitness and Health model who uses microdosing to aid my Healthy lifestyle. I have kept my use of cannabis secret for some time but only as of 1 month ago I came out in facebook which got ALOT of attention and gave me the confidence to make my instagram page. Im also working in a project called X1 by my future brand CannaXO which is a revolutionary cannabis storage device.
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Shelly - Her Highness
Her Highness, is a female run, and owned, Facebook support group for women all across Australia who use and or support cannabis. Her Highness has already helped hundreds of women across the country, and plans on continuing to do so! We have been a form of therapy for some, and have offered this type of support for the past 3 years with much success.
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Beatrice Kuyumgian Rankin - Hemp Gallery Australia Pty Ltd
Beatrice has been a pioneer of the Australian Hemp Industry for the last 20 years. Created the NSW Hemp Association and was nominated its first President. Created Hemp Gallery Australia to bring beautiful hemp products to the masses and educating along the way.
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Lucy Haslam
As of August 2013, Lucy has spearheaded the movement to re-introduce Medicinal Cannabis into Australia. Lucy witnessed the dramatic relief her son Dan (suffering stage 4 bowel cancer) gained from using Medicinal Cannabis, and Dan championed the cause alongside his Mother. Together they started a social campaign which ultimately changes Australian Laws.
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Jenny Hallam
If you ask the South Australian police what they think of Jenny Hallam, they’ll call her a criminal. Ask many others, and they’ll say she’s their angel. Ms Hallam, a marijuana reform activist, is facing up to 10 years in prison after police raided her house earlier this year and charged her with manufacturing a controlled drug – medicinal cannabis oil.
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Chloe Jean Sweetman - PlantMed
Chloe Jean Sweetman is the Senior Practice Manager and Patient Care Coordinator of PlantMed, a Brisbane-based medicinal cannabis clinic she co-founded in 2019. Chloe supports the entire PlantMed clinical and education team, is a presenter at the Australian Cannabis Summit, regular cannabis conference attendee, and has been passionately helping facilitate medicinal cannabis access for all patients in need since 2016.
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Shelly - Her Highness
Her highness is a female run an owned cannabis group, we have over 6.5k of Australian women who we support, uplift an try to motivate who all have a love for cannabis.
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Isabella Gillespie - Hemp Temple
A conscious, women founded hemp clothing business focused on empowering change and restoring the planet. The Hemp Temple exists to challenge conventional short-term profit focused actions of the fashion industry, that champion sexual exploitation, environmental degradation and fractured values; perpetuating eating disorders, body hate and psychological damage. Hemp is our agent for change, and our vehicle for voice.
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