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Tony Gissing - Weed Australia
Weed Australia would like to nominate our admin for the stoner of the year award (StOnY G) Put it this way, we can not ask for a better admin ... StOnY G is very well known in our community , he opens his arms up with a big smile loaded with education that he provides our community . He is one of the first in our community to have a cannabis script and loves to guide the community with his knowledge.
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Rhys Cohen
Rhys is a drug policy and politics nerd with a social science background. He’s a passionate advocate for evidence-based drug policy and medical cannabis access. Rhys has appeared in several major news outlets including the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and MJBizDaily, and his industry analysis has been cited by Deloitte Access Economics. With all things cannabis, Rhys is well-read and well-respected in the field.
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Tom Forrest
Tom is a cannabis horticulture specialist working with several Australian cannabis firms, universities and research groups including teaching cannabis cultivation lectures as part of the Cann10 Medical Cannabis Leadership program, delivered in conjunction with Deakin & Western Sydney Universities.
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Hemp Brothers
Hemp Brothers are a proud Australian company that has just released a new product with great packaging
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MIRRECO™ is leading the way; producing products made from hemp (a renewable resource) and offering significant cost, time & labour efficiencies. Collaborating with leaders to improve agricultural and industrial productivity, carbon-capture and biodiversity initiatives.
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Amanda Bourke
Australian Female Stoner Influencer breaking the typical stereotype and spreading knowledge globally
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Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance Inc - Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance Inc
AIHA is Australia's peak national body for the hemp industry. It was founded in 2015 and since then has grown and developed to a highly reputable and effective organisation. Over the last 12 months the AIHA has helped to grow knowledge of all aspects of industrial hemp all around Australia and has succeeded in attracting Federal Government financial support for the industry.
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Professor Iain McGregor
Renowned in the field of medicinal cannabis research, Iain leads strategic relations, advocacy and education. Iain is a well-known figure in the field of medicinal cannabis research and has published more than 50 papers on cannabinoids, his first one more than 20 years ago.
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Senator Richard Di Natale
Senator Richard Di Natale has led the political charge to advance cannabis in Australia during his time as leader of the Australian Greens from 2015 to 2020. Di Natale was elected to theSenate in 2010, and passionately led Australian politics to progress the acceptance and legalisation of cannabis in Australia. Not afraid to challenge the stigma of weed, he continues to fight for drug law reform.
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David Caldicott has worked as a specialist emergency physician for over 25 years, is a senior university lecturer and adjunct associate professor, and well-researched advocate for cannabis as a medical and therapeutic agent. Dr Caldicott is well-known for his compelling and reasoned insights into cannabis legalisation. A recognisable face at any cannabis industry event, David plays a strong role in drug law reform.
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HempU was founded by two friends who hope to educate people about Hemp and help grow the industry by providing online marketing solutions for Australian hemp businesses. Between us, we share a genuine passion for hemp and over a decade of experience in sales and marketing. We use email marketing, social media, influencers, websites, and various types of content to help our clients succeed in their digital marketing.
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Justin Sinclair
Over the last decade, Justin has played a lead and unique role in Australian cannabis pharmacology research for cannabinoid based pharmacology, novel drug development, full spectrum plant extracts and plant based pharmacology for pain, inflammation and immune modulation. He has spoken at most of the Australian Cannabis events, and continues to be a leader in the field.
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Margaret River Hemp Co
Margaret River Hemp Co has been part of the Australian Hemp Industry for over 25 years. We pride ourselves and our business on been clean and green. We are vertically integrated from growing through to finished products. It's a win win for farmers, consumers and the planet. Hemp Co has a large selection of locally produced Hemp skin care and food, with Australian grown Hemp seed, 100% natural and organic.
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TheHighFlyer420 has been around on instagram as a social media influencer since 2012 and involves himself with all sorts of areas in our community. He was the HEMP WA Branch President, has worked for the Free Cannabis Political Party, has helped host many of the 420 rallies in Perth and is now establishing Cannabis Users Creating Cleaner Communities
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Thefirstlady420 has been around since 2013 as a social media influencer and has helped a variety of brands establish themselves in Australia through photography, design and repping/displaying products. She always provides quality content on her instagram and is just a beautiful soul to follow.
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Robert Bell - Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance
The Australian Industrial Hemp Conference 2020 was held in Fremantle WA in late February 2020. There were over 280 delegates at this event which had workshops, over 60 presentations (both local and o/s), an exhibition space, a fashion event, and a site tour.
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Dr John Teh Medical Director & Clinical Educator of Plantmed Medical Cannabis Clinic has been working within the Medicinal Cannabis industry since the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal use in February, 2016. Dr Teh is a compassionate, caring doctor with an intricate understanding of medical cannabis. Dr Teh treats a wide range of patients with a variety of medical conditions from all corners of Australia.
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PlantMed is a cannabis clinic based in Brisbane. Their patient focussed approach assist thousands of Australian cannabis patients to achieve relief from their disease.
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john Teh
Chloe works tirelessly at the coal face of medicinal cannabis. Her role of patient support and nursing at PlantMed sees her talking to thousands of patients and guiding them on their healing cannabis journey. Her advice guides many people to better health through cannabis medicines.
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This website is a forum for backyard growers that provides support and advice to cultivate our best crops and increase our knowledge with other like minded people
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