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Samantha Davis - Your Highness Bakedery
Sam at Your Highness is revolutionising the way we look at cooking with hemp. Her edible creations with cannabis are true art forms. After appearing on the scene a few short months ago her Instagram provides both inspiration and an escape and her presence is truly humbling. We can’t wait to see her expand and develop more content over more time!
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Brooke Harbord - The Canna Lady
The Canna Lady seeks to get cbd into the hands of those who want or need it. For both medicinal and relaxation purposes, she handmakes oils, creams, bath bombs, lip balms and soaps for her clients. Making them available online, anytime, at a reasonable price.
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Brooke Harbord
I have been creating natural skincare & body care products with CBD oil for over two years now. We started our business as a hobby and never thought that we would have the community be so supportive of what we are achieving. I am studying a Bachelor degree in Naturopathy and am currently in my second year. I started studying to learn and understand how to treat the body as a whole system.
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Jessie Little is the 23 year old co-owner of Little Hemp Co. Jessie is the marketing and promotions behind Little Hemp Co and runs all the social media sites as well as being involved with product development, sales and dispatch. Jessie is a keen advocate for Hemp Oil and the benefits that an be achieved fro using Little Hemp Co products.
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