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Church of Ubuntu
On the 1st of December 2016 the Church of Ubuntu President was raided by police and 215 Cannabis plants were confiscated.The Church of Ubuntu has been supplying compassionate care to thousands of families Australia wide for up to five years. The church may be one of the largest suppliers of medicinal cannabis products in the country, with close to 2000 customers.
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Tony Bower - Mullaways Medicinal Cannabis
It’s difficult to say where Australian cannabis would be without Tony’s life’s work. He forced a conversation to take place while others remained silent. He’s helped hundreds— perhaps thousands—of patients. And he’s done it all while putting himself at risk without any reward. “I take my responsibility seriously - I help because I can.” Tony runs Mullaways Medicinal Cannabis company.
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Kevin Czabotar
I have experimented and researched the cannabis plant for 30yrs, i have much knowledge to share and learn from starting cannabis use at the age of 9 with cbd for my benine epilepsy and i started to smoke it at the age of 13 quickly learning all i could about the plant and how to get the best products for my own therapy. I have a huge passion and respect for both sides of cannabis being the legal and illegal sides.
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