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Test - Test
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Shanna Miller
Karen has worked tirelessly to support and advocate for the rights of children and families who need medicinal Cannabis, and to educate the public on the health benefits of Cannabis use. She co-founded the Church of Ubuntu and wellness clinic, The Canna Nannas activist's group, and ran in two federal elections to campaign to end cannabis prohibition.
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Lucy Haslam
As of August 2013, Lucy has spearheaded the movement to re-introduce Medicinal Cannabis into Australia. Lucy witnessed the dramatic relief her son Dan (suffering stage 4 bowel cancer) gained from using Medicinal Cannabis, and Dan championed the cause alongside his Mother. Together they started a social campaign which ultimately changes Australian Laws.
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Jenny Hallam
If you ask the South Australian police what they think of Jenny Hallam, they’ll call her a criminal. Ask many others, and they’ll say she’s their angel. Ms Hallam, a marijuana reform activist, is facing up to 10 years in prison after police raided her house earlier this year and charged her with manufacturing a controlled drug – medicinal cannabis oil.
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Dolph Cooke - Australian Cannabis University
The Australian Cannabis University is a private institution based on a legal low THC cannabis farm in Northern New South Wales, Australia. Their aim is to campaign for cannabis decriminalisation and legalisation through education. They offer hands-on workshops, intensive short courses, online tutorials and a strong online community.
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Dr Andrew John KATELARIS - Industrial Hemp Association NSW
Barefoot Doctor, Bush Lawyer, Tireless Hemp/Medicinal Cannabis Campaigner - Andrew John Katelaris has devoted himself to promoting the benefits of cannabis sativa in Australia and for over three decades. He has made every sacrifice to see the crop reinstated to its former, pre-prohibition position.
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