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2021 Awards

Our best year yet!

The wait is over, and the winners of Australia’s official Cannabis Awards have finally been selected! Our third year has been a stunning success, and we're humbled that the Awards have already become a 'household name' in the cannabis industry. We’re honoured to bring you the winners from this year, excited for the big things to come next year, and looking forward to the sparkling future of this amazing industry.

From Prohibition to Recognition

The Awards are designed to honour Australian cannabis community pioneers and business professionals deserving recognition for industry innovation and social progression. As Australia finally takes marijuana mainstream, and as punishment gives way to praise, we give long-overdue recognition to contributions made by individuals and organisations in the cannabis industry. Join us as we celebrate this amazing plant, it’s incredible supporters, and the fastest growing industry in Australia.

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Our Judges

Proudly selected by experts and leaders

Each year, the nominations are independently judged by our amazing panel of volunteers who are industry experts and community trail-blazers. Other award organisation's winners are often just selected by the company or a public vote, which can favour large business - making the awards pay-to-play. We are proudly independent and transparent.

A special thanks goes to our judges who have volunteered their time to read and research the nominations and then vote for the winners. We're proud to involve as much of the industry as we can to make the awards truly representative. 

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Australia’s official Cannabis & Hemp Awards

The Awards recognise the medical, recreational, and ancillary sectors, and endeavour to represent our wonderfully complex and vibrant industry to the rest of Australia - and indeed to the world! We're so proud of all the nominations this year - even our judges reported quite a difficult job selecting the winners from the rest.  

Australia has spoken

Exceeding all expectations

Despite the COVID-19 lockdowns and tough economic times for all canna businesses, we had just as many public and private nominations this year as last year! Given the circumstances, this exceeded our expectations, especially of such a young industry. We were close to cancelling the awards, but we're glad we didn't!

With dozens of new cannabis companies being founded every year in Australia, the sky's the limit for the cannabis and hemp industry, and for innovation and excellence. 

Without Further Ado

2021 Community Awards

To recognise non-corporate contributions in the cannabis space, and their vital role in the history and future of this industry. Australia still suffers heavily from cannabis misinformation, superstition, and corruption and we all want to acknowledge those who give themselves to education, normalisation, and activism.

To recognise long-term commitment
and sacrifice for cannabis pioneers.

Public figures and influencers advancing
cannabis law reform or normalisation.

Non-profit organisations or community 
groups helping make a difference.

Chosen by the public and decided 
by popular vote for any reason.

Recognising active female leadership in
the cannabis community or industry.

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Awarded to the capital city with
the most votes per capita.

Individuals or companies providing
excellent cannabis education. 

For public events celebrating
cannabis and/or hemp.

For those ‘coming out’ and risking reputation
specifically for recreational cannabis.

2021 Business Awards

To recognise the advancement made by organisations in the cannabis industry, business awards are presented for innovation, excellence, and impact. 

Outstanding overall achievement 
by a single company.

Best new product released or 
updated within the last year.

Best, exceptional, or unique
service-based organisation.

For organisations which bring new
and exciting innovation to cannabis.

For new entrepreneurs or small
businesses with bold new ideas.

New products made from hemp
or companies using hemp.  

Outstanding eco-responsible
product, service, or brand.  

Making effective and positive impacts 
online through social media.

Setting high standards and responsible
practices with quality cultivation.

For new software or hardware offering
novel or promising technology.

For the best design and functional
website for a cannabis company.

For media outlets highlighting and
championing the cannabis cause.

For brick-and-mortar clinics
and outlets for cannabis.

For well designed and low priced
products containing no THC.

Doctors who are leading the way for
patient access and cannabis education.

Next Year

Growing bigger and better

2021 was an incredibly tough year for the cannabis industry. Not only was there a global cannabis stock bubble burst, we also suffered through the COVID business lockdowns. Despite this, the industry has still experienced huge progress in other areas. We look forward to a big year in 2022 when things pick pack up. 

Now that we have built our systems, made our connections, tested the process, and cemented our place in the industry, we have some exciting plans for expansion in the coming years. Stay tuned for big things to come. 

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Green & Gold

Australia’s Gold-Standard for Cannabis Excellence.
The Australian cannabis sector is predicted to be a $22 billion industry within the next 10 years, with growth rates on par with broadband internet in the early 2000s. We believe it’s high time that Australia recognises this huge economic contribution.

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