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Celebrating Cannabis

Honouring Australian cannabis pioneers and professionals deserving recognition for industry innovation and social progression. As Australia finally takes marijuana mainstream, and as punishment gives way to praise, we give long-overdue recognition to contributions made by individuals and organisations in the cannabis industry.

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2019 Winners Announced

1st August 2019

We have just announced the winners for the first Cannabis Industry Awards!

With almost 100 nominations, our judges have selected the best of the best for 2019.

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From Prohibition
to Recognition

The most misunderstood plant

Celebrating cannabis activists, business leaders, and community trail-blazers. This is a historic time in our industry to turn the shame of prohibition on its head and be proud of those who have been key parts of this revolution.

As cannabis fights for legitimacy and normalisation, we come together to celebrate this amazing plant, it’s incredible supporters, and the fastest growing industry in Australia.

How it Works

Fair, reputable, & inclusive 

The awards are split into Community and Business halves, recognising the contribution made both by companies and activists in pushing our industry forward. There are a total of 42 award categories each year which are open to everyone.

 Finalists are scored and shortlisted by a diverse panel of judges, and some by popular vote. 

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The Cannabis Highlight of the Year

Let's make history together!

Entering is a great way to showcase your achievements, gain recognition for your successes, and promote your business to customers, staff, and business partners. Make your product or brand stand out by receiving distinction from Australia’s exclusive cannabis awards.

The Awards recognise the medical, recreational, and ancillary sectors and endeavour to represent our wonderfully complex and vibrant industry to the rest of Australia - and indeed to the world! Together we aim to cultivate a fair, reputable, and trustworthy industry body which we can all be proud of.

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Key Dates 2019

The working-dates for the inaugural Cannabis Industry Awards are as follows:

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Earn the trust and attention your product deserves

Industry awards can drive massive traffic to your business and create a snowball effect for your products.

Ethical & Sustainable

Good people. Good companies. Good business.

One of the most important criteria the awards (and the cannabis industry as a whole) is to emphasize the responsible and positive impact that cannabis has on the World. The central driving force of the awards is the ethical and sustainable principals and practices adopted by the industry.

The judging process attributes great value in companies and people who champion positive environmental and social initiatives. 

An industry like no other

The industry with History and Heart

All around the world the cannabis industry is predominantly made up by activists, patients, environmentalists, carers, and others who put social justice first. Let's face it - not many other sectors began as medically oppressed minorities.

We are both liberals and conservatives, politicians and plumbers, rich and poor, indigenous and immigrants. We are a very diverse group with many differences, but we all come together as one to support this amazing plant.

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