Nomination Guide

We’re delighted you want to participate in the Cannabis Industry Awards.

We’re proud of the Awards program and our thriving industry, so please make sure you read these terms and conditions carefully as we take the integrity of our Awards program seriously. As with any fair competition, if you don’t comply with these terms, we have the right to disqualify you or declare your entry ineligible.


The Cannabis Industry Awards endeavour to represent our wonderfully complex and vibrant industry to the rest of Australia - and indeed to the world! Together we aim to cultivate a fair, reputable, and trustworthy industry body which we can all be proud of - and this includes you!

This is a historic time in our industry; to turn the shame of prohibition on its head and be proud of those who are key parts of this revolution - despite our differences or disagreements. It is self-evident that during this process that not everyone can be winners, so we applaud a generous and humble attitude to the process to help bring us all together.

By submitting a nomination, both the nominee and the nominator agree to abide by these terms and conditions, and the spirit expressed. The following will give you an insight into the judging process and will assist you in writing an award-winning nomination.

Please note: Our Privacy Policy forms part of these terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really cost money to nominate?
The nomination fee helps us run and pay for the awards, but it is primarily to prevent people from submitting dozens of nominations, spamming the system, or companies being nominated multiple times for the same category.  If you have a nomination you would like to submit, but can't pay, we are happy to waive the fee.

Guidelines and Conditions


Nominations will be open from June 1st at 12:00 AM AEST, to September 1st at 12:00 AM AEST (the “Nomination Period”).

False or Misleading Information

If a nomination is deemed to contain false or misleading information, Cannabis Industry Awards reserves the right to disqualify and/or ban the nominee from any future awards. Judges are obliged to advise the Judging Panel if they are suspicious about false or misleading information submitted on a nomination.

Providing Evidence

Avoid making vague or unsupported claims. Award-winning submissions always include data/evidence to ensure credibility and transparency. A general claim such as ‘Customer satisfaction increased’ is much stronger when evidence is given: ‘Customer satisfaction increased by 20 per cent, as demonstrated in the graph below’.


(In all instances, references to 'Australia' also includes New Zealand) To be eligible for nomination, the nominee must be conducting business/service/activity in Australia for Australians. Nominees may also be conducting business internationally, but must conduct more than token business in Australia. Special consideration is given to companies which are founded in Australia. Nominees and nominators must be at least 18 years of age.


Have an independent party proofread your submission to ensure that you have answered the criteria and to check spelling, grammar and syntax. Be careful about recycling award entries from prior years, as judging criteria and focus can vary substantially from year to year.

Stand Out

Remember, the judges have many entries to evaluate in some categories so make yours memorable and easy to read.


Nominations must be submitted online at Submissions via any other method will not be accepted. Although we are strict with our deadlines, Cannabis Industry Awards reserves the right to vary the deadline for nominations if it sees fit - depending on the circumstance.

Choice of Judges

Judges are selected by Cannabis Industry Awards from a variety of backgrounds to reflect the depth and breadth of the industry. We attempt to choose well-respected and well-known industry leaders from both community and corporate worlds - acknowledging that we must work together for the future.


Judges volunteer their time and energy to participate in the judging process, and are human like the rest of us. Judges are bound by confidentiality agreements, cannot vote for themselves, and recuse themselves when there is a potential conflict of interest. Judges commonly use only the information provided in a submission, so it’s very important to submit a detailed but succinct nomination. Judges must not disclose details about the judging process or other judges publicly.

Contacting Judges

Nominees are forbidden from contacting Judges privately in relation to the awards. Any enquiries or feedback must be directed to Cannabis Industry Awards instead. Attempts to influence judges or even provide more information to judges could be scene interference and may result in disqualification.

The Judging Process

  • After nominations close, a shortlist is made for each relevant category which are then presented to the judging panel.
  • The judges then independently read and review the shortlist of nominations based on certain criteria.
  • The judges then use our proprietory judging system to score each of the nominees confidentially.
  • The results are then collated by Cannabis Jobs Australia and the winners and finalists are announced.
  • Judges are not privy to how the other judges voted, or of the winners, until after the winners are announced. This information is then shared with the judges to ensure transparent results.


Cannabis Industry Awards reviews all nominations and presents a shortlist to the judges for assessment. There is no upper or lower limit to how many are included on the shortlist for each category. Nominees are not notified if they make the shortlist.


For each award category, the three top rated nominations become finalists and will be notified after the winners are announced. 


Our decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. This is a 'game of skill' only. There is no element of chance in determining the winners. By accepting an award, you agree to participate in and co-operate as required with all reasonable marketing activities relating to the prize including but not limited to being interviewed and photographed. We reserve the right to use your comments, image and name for advertising and publicity purposes in any media in perpetuity without compensation.


Although our judges sign a confidentiality agreement, and we do our best to keep your nomination private, Cannabis Industry Awards cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any information submitted in a nomination. Please keep this in mind when including sensitive or confidential details in your nomination.  


As the Cannabis Industry Awards have a commitment to excellence, we reserve the right to not award a category if we do not believe that any submissions meet our standards. In this event, nominees will be notified that the category will not be awarded. If a category only receives one suitable nomination, finalists will not be announced.

Withdrawing Applications

Nominees are permitted to withdraw their application at any time before the Winners are announced, but cannot be revised once submitted. No refunds are provided for withdrawals or disqualifications. Nominations can be resubmitted but are treated as a new nomination. If an application is withdrawn or disqualified, awards will either be. Multiple

Public Liability

To the extent permitted by law, we will not be liable for any loss or damage or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with the Awards. You will indemnify us and our officers, employees or agents against any loss or liability from any claim or action that arises as a result of a breach of these terms by you, or your use of the materials or information supplied by you under these Terms. You irrevocably and unconditionally consent to all acts being done that would otherwise breach your Moral Rights.


Please take care when selecting which award category to nominate in. Nominations can be submitted in more than one category, but each submission is seen as a separate.

People’s Choice Award

These awards are determined by the general public who are asked to select their top picks for each category. The winners will be chosen based on the total number of votes received.

Nominees and Nominators

Nominators must have the express permission of the nominee to nominate them. Lots of noms! Nominees are required to vouch for the accuracy of the information provided. Both nominators and nominees must declare false or misleading information at the risk of being disqualified or banned from future awards. Entries are accepted at the time of receipt by us. We will not be held liable for any entries not received for any reason during the promotion period.

Removing or Adding Award Categories

Cannabis Industry Awards reserves the right to cancel any or all awards at its discretion. If for any reason, we are not able to conduct the promotion as planned, including due to tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, any technical difficulties or any other causes beyond our control, which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this promotion, we reserve the right in our sole discretion to take any action that may be available.


100% of full Sponsorship Fee is due upon receipt of invoice. All reservations with signed insertion orders are non-cancelable and non-refundable. In the event of cancellation, Sponsor is responsible for full payment. The Cannabis Industry Awards reserves the right to offer additional sponsorships or sponsorship levels at any time.

Contacting Winners

You agree that we may use your logo, business identity, details about your business or personal identity in any way in any material which promotes the Awards or the products or services of us or our Sponsors. You agree to allow us and the Sponsors to contact you to provide comments about the Awards and to take photos or video footage of you, your business and your representative(s), and use any of the material collected as part of your participation. If we do use any of the materials listed above, you grant us a royalty-free, perpetual and irrevocable licence to use the materials for promotional purposes.


A prize, or any unused portion of a prize, cannot be transferred, exchanged or redeemed for cash. All other expenses associated with the prizes are the responsibility of the winners. We are not liable for any prize that may be lost, stolen, forged, damaged or tampered with in any way after it leaves our possession. We are not responsible for any variation in the value or substance of a prize. To the extent permitted by law, we are not liable for any loss (including indirect and consequential loss) or damage or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with the promotion including the supply of goods or services by any person to the prize winners, and where applicable to any persons accompanying the prize winners. We accept no responsibility for any tax liabilities that may arise from winning the prize.


Refunds will be issued if a nomination is rejected, or an awards category is cancelled - otherwise, all fees and payments are non-refundable or transferable.